July 14, 2020

What does “Off quotes” error message mean on MT4/MT5

14-02-2019 · Every market has a spread and so does forex. A spread is simply defined as the price difference between where a trader may purchase or sell an underlying asset. Traders that are … ...read more


Currency Trading Explained | How Does Forex Trading Work

What is ECN Forex Trading? ECN, which stands for Electronic Communication Network, really is the way of the future for the Foreign Exchange Markets.ECN can best be described as a bridge linking smaller market participants with its liquidity providers through a FOREX ECN Broker.. ECN serves as a bridge between smaller participants of the market and their liquidity providers. ...read more


What Hawkish and Dovish Mean in Monetary Policy and

25-06-2019 · You can use several different types of orders to make and control your trades in forex trading. Some orders control both how you enter and how you exit the market. Learning what they all mean can go a long way toward successful trading. ...read more


What Does It Mean To Stack Trades? – robbookerhelp

06-01-2021 · This is also seen in Forex leveraging, wherein traders are allowed to open positions on currency pairs larger than what they can afford with their account balance alone. It should be remembered that margin does not alter the profit potential of a trade; but instead, reduces the amount of equity that you use. ...read more


What Does Volume Mean In Forex Trading

What does 0.01 in Forex mean? - Quora ...read more


What is leverage in Forex trading? Which leverage ratio is

CFD trading is extremely versatile and applies to a number of different financial instruments. This can include: bonds, shares, commodities, metals, forex, energy, indices, stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies. But, if you’re new to the world of foreign exchange trading, then you may be wondering what a CFD is. In this article, we’ll explain what it means to trade forex using CFDs. ...read more


What is Slippage? Slippage in Forex Explained

In other words SL (Stop Loss ) indicates a specifice price and when market reaches there ,your trade/trades automatically close the position in loss and your investment can be secure more to face more or big loss and same like TP (Take Profit) is also a specifice prince or point and when market price touches that point and your trade/trades automatically close in some profit . its so necessary ...read more


What is NFP in Forex Trading? | NFP Explained - ForexFreshmen

The purpose of spreads in forex trading is to secure profit for the brokerage that is executing the trades, without charging clients a commission or other fees. For traders, spreads are important because they indicate how much money can be made from each successful trade. ...read more


What does 0.01 in Forex mean? - Quora

04-06-2010 · I've been trading forex for almost a year now and I've come to realize even 10k lots can kill you if you have a small account (and by small I mean less than USD 10K. And I almost came close to wiping my entire account. Edit: And forget about lowering your leverage. It's … ...read more


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2 days ago · What does spread mean? The spread is measured in pips, which is a small unit of movement in the price of a currency pair, and the last decimal point on the price quote (equal to 0.0001).This is true for the majority of currency pairs, aside from the Japanese yen where the pip is the second decimal point (0.01). ...read more


How Leverage Works in the Forex Market - Investopedia

Buying 1 currency " vis-a-vis " another then selling it later hoping to make a gain - buit invariably actually losing more than 50% of the time which one would think is impossible. Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign exchange … ...read more


What is a Spread in Forex Trading? - BabyPips.com

Spreading means something that can extend to some length, width or height. In Forex, spread means cost you pay to your broker can extend to some amount. Spread meaning in Forex is money, money which broker will make from you when you open an order. Spread is there because broker needs a way how to make money while providing you a service. ...read more


What does Abs. gain mean? | Forex Factory

Forex (FX) Definition and Uses ...read more


How to Use Parabolic SAR in Forex - BabyPips.com

14-06-2020 · what does interpolate mean and what does it do? 0 replies. Whats really moving the market today? 281 replies. Does Moving average actually act as moving S/R ?? 20 replies. Whats your margin % for the Carry trade? 2 replies. Whats the next news to trade? 6 replies ...read more


What Does It Mean To Trade Forex Using CFDs?

04-08-2016 · How a Hawkish Monetary Policy Affects Forex Traders (in theory) When interest rates increase, that will usually cause the value of a currency to rise. No surprise here. International investors will move their money to a place where they can get higher interest rates. ...read more


What You Need to Know About Forex Orders

What Does Forex Means. for the traders to be fully aware of what they are dealing with. You can read this informative post to What Does Forex Means know about the potential differences that exist between binary options trading and forex trading. It will serve as a great piece of information. Guet. ...read more


What Does Bullish Mean in Forex Trading?🥇 | SA Shares

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What does Biden’s stimulus plan mean for the US Dollar?

The meaning of Forex pair price EURUSD = 1.1234 is that you will need 1.1234 USD to get 1 Euro. So, if you want to have 1 Euro, exchange office will need to sell you Euro and buy U.S. dollar from you because you are paying with U.S. dollar. With that transaction you have buying and selling Forex pair. ...read more


Regulation on Forex, what does it mean for brokers, IBs

In the forex market, the US dollar is normally considered the base currency for quotes, meaning that quotes are expressed as a unit of $1 USD per the other currency quoted in the pair. The primary exceptions to this rule are the British pound, the euro and the Australian dollar. ...read more


In forex, what does EURUSD mean? | Yahoo Answers



What is Spread in Forex? | Learn Forex| CMC Markets

Regulation on Forex, what does it mean for brokers, IBs and strategy providers? In the previous article, titled “ Regulation in Forex Trading ” we discussed how the Forex market is regulated, what are the respective regulatory authorities in some of the developed countries as well as what regulation means … ...read more


What Does Retest Mean In Forex: +How It Makes You A Better

If you trade forex long enough, you are going to want to know what NFP is in forex trading.. NFP in forex trading is a very commonly used term that refers to a special period of time in the forex markets. During this time, the markets are of the most volatile as they will be all year. The markets will typically make giant moves upon the release of this data during NFP. ...read more


what is SL and TP? - This Website is about forex business

05-12-2017 · Winning the contract. If you select "Even", you will win the payout if the last digit of the last tick is an even number (i.e., 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0). If you select "Odd", you will win the payout if the last digit of the last tick is an odd number (i.e., 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9). Home » Forex Trading Vs Binary Trading. ...read more


What Is Drawdown in Forex? - ForexBoat Trading Academy

What Does Forex Means that both forex and binary trading are two different concepts. They can also analyze the separate set of pros & cons of both the trading system such that they are s able to make the best decision for themselves. ...read more